Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Silagra helped my Relationship

I was devastated two years ago to find that the bout of depression that I was battling with at the time was taking such a toll on me physically that it resulted in a severe case of erectile dysfunction. Bad enough that I was afflicted with depression and all the consequent stresses and strains that was putting on my life in general and on my relationship with my girlfriend in particular, but with this suddenly thrown into the mix I really thought it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, that my relationship would break up and I would spiral deeper into abyss of depression.

Thankfully I was saved from this situation after a visit to the doctor informed that there are erectile dysfunction remedies out there that could conclusively deal with the condition one and for all. He wrote me a prescription for one but having read somewhere recently that there are generic versions of ED medicines to be found online for a fraction of the price that they would cost in my local pharmacy I decided to have a look online first. Lo and behold the first site I came across was Pharmaplanet which stocked a vast array of these generic medications for jaw-droppingly good value - this was especially important to me as I was not working at the time due to my depression, so value was everything.

But with Silagra - the treatment I finally opted for - value was not everything as it also delivered instant and fail-safe results. It couldn't be more convenient and meeting to my needs than to be able to simply go online, order my Silagra without any need for a prescription, and sit back and wait for it to arrive in the post.
What a turn around Silagra has brought to my life, going from a situation where it really looked as my long term relationship was terminally on the rocks, to the state of Menage a trois that my relationship is in now - with Silagra of course making accounting for the extra person. I feel like a new person now, my relationship has been saved and realising how lucky I am to have my long-suffering girlfriend has pulled me out of the darkest of the depression. However, of all the medication I have taken to help me do that, I really think it was Silagra that I have the most to thank for.