Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I first tried Silagra after a friend of mine informed me about how there were generic versions of popular drugs out there that worked just as well and that there were huge savings to be made by opting for them. I was sceptical at first, thought there must be a catch so I stayed with the devil I knew and continued buying expensive ED treatments from the drug store.

Thankfully though, curiosity got the better of me and after extensive research online and observing my friends evident happiness with generic drugs I bit the bullet and made my first order for a generic drug. I opted for Silagra as I read that it is made with Sildenafil Citrate which has been used in the making of brand name ED drugs for over 10 so it must be doing something right. Silagra sure did something right for me too as the night they arrived  I tried them and they had the exact same effect as the brand name drugs I had been taking for years. Silagra worked just as well, for just as long, all for a massively reduced cost. Since that night I haven’t looked back, every month I reorder a package from the comfort of my home and it arrives quickly and discreetly, always works and there is never any hassle. For anyone looking to cut down on their medical bills yet retain an active love life, I would highly recommend purchasing Silagra.

Written By:
John A Rowling
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